Google Adsense complaint – Google banned me and I did nothing wrong!

August 28, 2011
Google Adsense complaint

I have been banned by Google Adsense and I know I have not done anything wrong!

I have several websites that range in size from small to large. I was using Google Adsense to make money off advertising on all of my websites and I was using it for quite a while and then I received an email stating that I had received some questionable traffic. There was no explanation as to what the questionable traffic was and then I was banned.

I cannot use Google Adsense to make money off any of my websites anymore. I have not done anything wrong other than add unique content to my website. I do not steal other people’s content nor do I click on my own ads. I also, knowing that Google has a reputation for permanently banning people that violate their terms of service, went so far as to make sure all my relatives and friends knew to not click on any ads on my websites.

I figured that would keep me in the positive side with Google and their Adsense program. I do not participate in any traffic buying schemes nor do I encourage anyone to click on any ads. So I do not know why Google singled me out and then banned me. My blogs are general educational and informational in nature.

All my websites consist of lots of how to articles from personal experience and Google search loves my website as I rank very highly for thousands and thousands of keywords. The problem is with Google Adsense as they don’t respond to any of my messages, emails, etc… No one can tell me why I was banned and it is obvious that I am as all my ad units are now displaying general public announcements that pay zilch.

They also kept all my latest payments and closed my account. I can no longer logon to Google Adsense. I tried to contact Matt Cutts (one of the Google Gurus) to explain my plight and see if there was some kind of error. He never responded to me. I also wrote a letter addressed to Google at their headquarters address:

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

I never got a reply, email, or any other form of contact. I was making upwards of $2,000 per month off Google Adsense prior to being banned and I was doing everything possible to stay in Google’s good graces. Yet I still got banned and this really hurts as there is no other similar CPC advertising avenue that pays anywhere’s near what Google Adsense does.

I have tried Adbrite and it pays 1/8th what Google Adsense does on average. 7Search is far worse and isn’t even worth a try (try 1/200th of what Google Adsense can bring). I am at a complete loss and need to find a way to make money outside of Google Adsense that brings in the same amount of money or I need to find a way to get my Google Adsense account back.

If anyone knows anything that could help me please let me know. I need to either get my Google Adsense account back or find a comparable alternative bad!

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One Response to Google Adsense complaint – Google banned me and I did nothing wrong!

  1. Jannika on November 12, 2011 at 6:00 am

    That’s not just logic. That’s rarely sensible – Google doesn’t ban for no reason. Check into what tactics or whom you’ve been using to do your SEO work – you will probably find something there. Correct it and resubmit to Google through your webmaster tools account.

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