HomeVestors real estate sales review and complaint – they lied about the inspection!

August 30, 2011
HomeVestors real estate sales review and complaint

HomeVestors is a scam company. They outright lied to me and sold me a house with serious structural issues!

I have to tell everyone about something that happened to me. I got burned by a company named HomeVestors. And the worst part is that they are doing this to everybody from California to Florida and New York! HomeVestors is a scam! Do not deal with the people from HomeVestors – they will do their best to lie to you and rip you off as best they can!

I feel like I was taken advantage of. I bought a home that was supposedly inspected (the guy at HomeVestors swore on his grandmothers grave that the inspection had been done and that the house passed with flying colors and was assured to be free of any and all major structural issues.

Well, that was all a lie (one of many – the guys at HomeVestors are con-artists and pathological liars). I have since found numerous structural and other important issues that were all covered up or hidden. Some of the structural issues are very severe to the point that the house is borderline condemn-able.

Now that I don’t have anything in writing saying otherwise and that the house was bought as-is I am stuck from a legal standpoint. Well for one, I buy houses to rent out and so I will not be buying any more from HomeVestors ever again. I will also be telling everyone that I know in the real estate business, which is quite a few, to avoid HomeVestors like the plague!

I was point-blank lied to by the staff at HomeVestors. They have not heard the last from me, however. I have told the Mayor and my state senator. I am also going to tell the whole world with this and other complaints all over the internet. When I am done I want to make sure I have basically all but destroyed their business reputation.

Con artists like the pathological liars that work at HomeVestors should not be able to operate such a rotten business. I want to report this company to insure that it does not happen again.

Thank you


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