How to download the latest movies, music, software and games free and safe with a VPN!

August 6, 2011
How to download the latest movies, music, software and games free and safe with a VPN!

If you want to save big money downloading the latest movies and more for free then you need to do it safely - here's how...

If you’ve been around as long as I have then you grew up with BBS’s or bulletin boards were hackers would exchange files with one another.  That was in the early 80s and things have changed a lot between then and now.  Nowadays hackers and pirates are still getting movies, software, games, music and more for free, but they have to be more careful about it as the copyright owners have resorted to using scumbag, bottom feeding attorneys like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver (aka U.S. Copyright Group).

if you want to download movies or other intellectual property then you need to remain anonymous.  No, I don’t mean by just picking an anonymous username.  What I mean is you need to have an invisible IP address.  Your IP address as it currently sits is visible to anyone over the Internet.  So, if you were to go and login to a torrent site or use torrent software like BitTorrent to download movies, music or something similar you will most likely be on the receiving end of an expensive extortion letter and possibly a lawsuit.

So, being that nowadays if you want to download movies, music, games or softwarehow do you hide your IP address and become invisible? Yyou need what’s called a VPN or Virtual Private Network.  this creates a tunnel between your computer and another which cannot be seen or broken into.  Most of these VPNs are used by big business and require an IT person to setup and operate.

There is one VPN, however that is specifically setup for the regular person that doesn’t have the knowledge or the time to set up a regular VPN.  This one special VPN is offered by TorrentPrivacy and it is the cheapest (less then $10 per month) and the easiest to setup and use by far.  Unlike most VPNs TorrentPrivacy can be setup in less then 5 minutes and there is only about 6 simple steps to set it up.  If you can turn on your computer and log in then you can easily setup the TorrentPrivacy VPN and be downloading all sorts of great stuff for free within minutes.

Once you have this VPN set up you will be completely anonymous and no copyright trolls or anyone else can see what you are doing when you download movie torrents and other stuff.  To make things even safer TorrentPrivacy also bundles their VPN service with an anonymous BitTorrent client.  This costs you nothing extra and it makes it so that you basically are a ghost when you are online and downloading – you can’t even be found.

To download anything nowadays without protection would not only be stupid but also highly risky and expensive when you get caught.  Do what the smart pirates are doing and use a great VPN like TorrentPrivacy.  You can then download anything you want from Demonoid, The Pirate Bay (watch out for viruses there), BTJunkie, Kickass Torrents, etc…

I have personally used the TorrentPrivacy VPN for several years to download everything from Cars 2  to Bridesmaids, the entire Harry Potter series, all sorts of books and magazines, tons of songs from various artists and more all for free.  I can’t get caught and neither can you if you use a great, iron clad and easy to use VPN like TorrentPrivacy.  So, now you know how to get stuff safely for free – what are you waiting for – go get started!

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One Response to How to download the latest movies, music, software and games free and safe with a VPN!

  1. Mark T. on August 31, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Great article by the way. I ended up going to that TorrentPrivacy (TP) link you gave above and they gave me a free trial! The VPN service is awesome and super simple to use. I found some of my college textbooks on BTJunkie and downloaded them saving over $400 this semester! Plus I have since downloaded a bunch of great movies and its awesome because no one can catch me (I use an IP address out of Amsterdam and I am in Rochester New York)! Thanks for the great advice on using a vpn and TorrentPrivacy!

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