QuestChat hookup hotline review – it’s only fatties!

December 1, 2011
QuestChat hookup hotline review

QuestChat hookup hotline review - don't call unless you are into fatties because that's all there is at QuestChat!

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I am an IT professional and I do a lot of traveling and am sometimes out of town for weeks at a time (sometimes even months). This makes it very hard to really have any kind of relationship with women. So I have to look elsewhere. Recently I have been trying this QuestChat thing.

I saw a commercial on late night TV with this really hot blonde haired girl in some skimpy clothes and they said to call this number: (704)714-7777 for here in Charlotte, NC. So I did and at first it seemed like a waste of time, but I did end up getting a few girls to give me their numbers and wanting to meet or hookup – some of the girls said they were married and were just looking for some hot sex on the side.

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One girl said her husband had a really small penis (smaller then my little finger – that must really suck) and so sex with him was out of the question. So, I went to meet a few of these girls and we would meet in public places like the Panera Bread behind UNCC on J.W. Clay Blvd. or at the Target on Harris Blvd.

The girls that wanted to just hook up for random sex wanted to meet at parking lots like the Target. The ones looking for relationships wanted to meet at restaurants like Panera Bread and the Starbucks in the Concord Mills Mall. I quickly found however that these girls described themselves through the QuestChat as being hot and this was far from the truth.

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None of them were even average in looks and all were way obese. I mean like way, way obese – super fatties! I think the smallest one could have weighed at least twice my weight. These were what we refer to as big women and I didn’t want a big woman. I know, I am a nerd and such, but I like skinny ladies – not fatties.

All I could find on this QuestChat hookup hotline was fat chicks. This local singles hotline was a waste of my time and I don’t recommend it to anyone (unless you are into fatties).

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